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WIS, specialized actuarial / consulting firm

Through its team of highly qualified specialists, the WIS Group helps insurers improve the quality and speed of their high value-added services while reducing costs. We combine both business and IT skills that have been proven for over 15 years to support insurance companies in the transformation of processes related to the entire risk chain.

Founded by Philippe Afendulis in Brussels, the WIS Group develops an innovative approach that is still unique in Belgium. Our understanding and expertise of the insurance industry allows us to offer a wide variety of services. We focus our activity on three main areas:

The business approach of the various collaborators, its founders and the partners of the company leads us to also support the outsourced management of insurance contracts in Belgium.

A reference contact serving the insurers

How are we different? By offering services comparable to the largest companies in the sector in a human-scale structure, WIS prepares the future of its clients by using specialised professional expertise in the context of understanding specific issues. This gives us a philosophy that is distinct from other market players.

Like the transparency that accompanies each of our actions, the impact of technologies on business models is at the heart of our concerns. We respond to it optimally with our subsidiary ATCI, based in Paris, which brings together consultants in information systems.

ATCI, our subsidiary specialising in the creation, transformation and management of Information Systems

In the management and realisation of our daily projects, we rely on our subsidiary ATCI which has the human and technical skills to cover all the issues of corporate computing. Arranged around three areas of expertise – Infrastructure, Application, Insurance and banking Consulting – ATCI offers simple and effective answers to complex business requirements.

Growth strategies and development solutions exclusively for the insurance business.

The growth strategies and development solutions of WIS are exclusively reserved to the insurance industry, which is the strength of our firm. We are 100% focused on this field of activity.

WIS provides BPO insurance services to agencies with ideas that promote their ability to achieve quality results through a single working method. We are a company specialising in BPO service rapidly developing in Belgium in the insurance industry.