Growth strategy, increased productivity, continuous improvement of information systems

Finding growth levers in a highly competitive market is crucial. This is above all due to a very fine vision of the sector and the good practices that are in place such as those that both the management team and the Group’s employees have.

Identify and act on growth drivers

Developing its customer base, distributing its products more efficiently, carrying out comparative studies, sectoral benchmarks … WIS identifies opportunities and works to improve your profitability through the following actions:

  • Sales and marketing strategies: market mapping / sizing, market segmentation, market forecasting, competition analysis, distribution strategy, etc.
  • International development / market entry strategies and diversification strategies
  • Pricing / valuation of the products / supply optimisation
  • B2B and B2C pricing strategies
  • Assessment of growth opportunities (including target search and negotiation)

Improving productivity

We establish sophisticated productivity strategies to strengthen your profitability ratios. We work especially on:

  • Improved profitability and product lines
  • The analysis of improved profitability of equity (ROE)
  • Analysis and calibration of competitive assets
  • Reduction of overhead (zero-based budgeting, operational analysis, etc.)
  • Financial recovery strategies
  • Logistics and production improvement strategies
  • Assessing synergies with other players

Optimising your organisation and IT systems

WIS intervenes to analyse and rationalise the processes of the IT management of companies. Some of them have outdated or non-optimised systems when, for example, different departments perform the same tasks. We act especially on:

  • The evaluation of the organisation
  • Technology and competitive intelligence
  • The IT strategy to adopt
  • The Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Data management and quality
  • Start-up support / financial structuring

An experience based on good practices and a clear vision of the market

Working with WIS means working with a team that has a sharp vision of the sector and the best practices that have been in place for many years, as well as enhanced knowledge of information systems. Thanks to our subsidiary ATCI, which manages leading financial structures in banking security, you benefit from the same offer as a large group at competitive prices.