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Insurance Outsourced Services: a single goal, make your life easier

Insurers are increasingly outsourcing their business processes. And this to streamline and simplify operations. Their goals are multiple: to reduce costs but also to improve agility and release resources to streamline their organisations and eventually generate new opportunities.

WIS combines business and IT skills to offer solutions specifically designed for the financial world:

  • A back-office for managing insurance contracts
  • Development of financial applications

Rather than mobilising its IT system and a team of managers, it is often easier to outsource portfolio management. Thanks to our know-how in this field, we pool the management of several portfolios on one system in order to achieve economies of scale.

Outsourced management of client portfolios

You are an insurer and you have sold products several years ago, and these have ceased to be marketed? At WIS, our management team manages these complex life insurance portfolios.

Set Up Phase and Run Phase

WIS provides insurance companies with a comprehensive service for handling and managing portfolios in Run Off:

  • Set up phase = Implementation of the outsourcing project (integration of the portfolio in our IS)
  • Run Phase = regular management of the contracts (management and customer relation, administrative and technical management of the contracts, evolutionary maintenance of the IS in particular on the regulatory evolutions)

Our management platform manages the following products:

  • Classic Life
  • Universal Life
  • Outstanding balance insurance
  • Pension

BPO – Comprehensive management services

  • Products in individual life and group life insurance (definition, loading and actuarial calculations)
  • Stakeholders (natural and legal persons)
  • Offers, proposals, and policies
  • Medical formalities
  • Claims and benefits (Capital and annuities)
  • Billing, reconciliation of payments, reminders for unpaid payments and disbursements of capital and annuities (SEPA compliant)
  • Technical Accounting
  • Commissioning
  • Management of units of account
  • Creation, management and archiving of documents
  • Workflow management
  • Report management

Our management tool is based on Life Office. Its advantages:

  • It is used by several insurers in the Benelux
  • Flexible and robust
  • 15 years of IT development