WIS, expert in financial risk assessment and management

The repetition of claims or of a variety of factors, such as market volatility or an aging population, creates de facto several financial implications for insurers.

At WIS, our experts measure the financial impact of the risk and estimate the future flows associated with it. Our professionals of the calculation of probabilities and statistics related to the issues of the insurers offer specific services

Specific services

  • Legal reporting: a major issue in the face of regulatory changes, legal reporting implies reporting to regulatory authorities on its activities. Preparing files, creating reporting templates, aggregating the different assets of the different departments and automating them, WIS accompanies all companies wishing to outsource this legal Reporting (QRT; Fast Close; Hard Close; Sigedis) activity.
  • Reserving: optimisation of financial exposure positions; synthesis papers; Ruling … WIS calculates your financial reserves using different methods and takes care for you of the risk capital, requirement risk.
  • Pricing: design; harmonisation; statistics; profitability related to your products. We work to know what guarantees to create and how to reduce them, to create matrices, to implement more competitive tariffs
  • Modelling: modelling and quantitative risk assessment over specified periods to promote the good health of your company

Assess the impact of corporate profitability and solvency

Our dual competence Actuarial services / IT allows us to easily integrate all these models requiring various complex calculation formulae to your issues.

At WIS, we are working on the automation and transparency of the documentation. This makes us the most modern actuarial firm in the market for assessing the profitability and solvency of companies. Here are, among others, the strengths of our firm:

  • Integration of the tools in the IS of companies
  • Using new technologies for better performance
  • ROI oriented pragmatic solutions
  • A proven field experience: Integration and adaptation of existing models Life, Non-Life, EB; close relationship with the financial authorities;

Mastery of the actuarial computer tools on the market (Prophet, SAS, SAS DI …).