WIS, 360 ° support services for insurers

Thanks to its dual approach based on the know-how of its employees – business competence and IT – WIS helps insurers reduce the costs inherent to their activities, manage their own risks, stimulate their growth through technological innovation or improve the promotion and distribution of their products. This 360 ° vision makes our firm one of the leaders in its market.

This success, our firm built it from the experience of its collaborators. They accompany our customers in the shift to a radically different distribution model from before where technology is now the focus of attention. Whatever their size, insurance organisations must face it to ensure the success of their strategic projects. At WIS, our goal is to transform the many changes in as many competitive advantages and professional opportunities for you.

A strategic consulting service

WIS offers a strategic advisory service to insurers (link). We accompany you in:

  • Identifying and acting on the growth drivers of each company
  • Increasing productivity
  • Optimising the organisation of your business and the functioning of your information systems

Actuarial activity, our core business

Our firm has a long-term vision of actuarial services. We work in the following areas:

  • Legal Reporting: QRT / Fast Close & Hard Close / Sigedis
  • Reserving: Calculation of reserves / Optimisation of positions / Summary documents
  • Pricing: Design / Harmonisation / Statistics / Profitability
  • Modelling: Quantitative Assessment / Risk Models

Insurance solutions

WIS offers solutions specially designed for the financial world:

  • A back-office for managing insurance contracts
  • Development of financial applications
  • Complete management of life insurance portfolios

High value-added advices

Repose on a high value-added advice, which combines knowledge of different environments, from regulatory standards to an unwavering operational control of the market. Our experts deal better than anyone with the new trends in a rapidly evolving industry, notably by developing innovative products that meet your current needs.